Kori, Hailey, Sophia, Leila, and Sloan

SHould you like to help out by donating, kindly click the link above which will take you to a secure paypal site--all proceeds go directly to the family--


An overwhelming amount of people have reached out to ask how they can help after the loss of father/husband, Clint Clausen, so tragically. How to help the girls and Kori-- The family's friends have set up a bereavement fund to help defer costs of very unexpected expenses for the family. Funds can be donated directly via PayPal--which is linked to a South Bay Credit Union account in Kori's and the girls' names to which only the family has access. 

​One of the designations for the fund is for the Clausen Girls' college education fund. Friends have set up a 529 account for each of the little Clausen Angels. A 529 is a tax free way to save for college.

PayPal donations can be made to clausenangles@gmail.com as well as by clicking the "donate" link above. Should you wish to designate funds to the girls' college funds specifically, please note in the box on the PayPal donation page.
Additionally, a meal train account has been created to help with meals for the family. See that link and more information at: